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Interested in having a private conversation with Diana?

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With the help of the stars, we can decode together the story of your soul. Who are you? Why did you reincarnate in this life? What memories do you carry from your previous lives? What's the mission in this life? In what direction will you feel your expansion and evolution?

What questions do you have lingering in your mind about your path forward?

I'll take your hand and guide you towards your soul's truth.

Let's make alchemy together.

What you get:

30 or 60 min live call with me

the recording


180 EUR (30 min)

350 EUR (60 min)

  • What we can work with: Natal chart, Unconscious chart Human Design bodygraph, Transits, Solar Return, Horary, Elective, Synastry, Composite. 

  • I use the Tropical zodiac and Whole Signs house system. (I work with the Ptolemaic aspects and I do not include asteroids or fixed stars in my readings).

  • My style is very conversational. We are going to have an in-depth conversation about you & your dharma path.

  • In HD, I have an undefined head, with a receptive mind. Consider my mind a vast library full of knowledge. The best way to get your value from me is to come with questions.

  • ​This is not a detailed breakdown of your chart / pure information. I don't present every detail separately. I feel the story of your soul through the chart and use it to untangle your questions.​ 

  • This is not fortune telling. I can't know exactly what's going to happen in your life (like how many kids you will have). What I see is the pattern of your soul. I see what cycles you are going through. I see when the storm comes, but I can't tell you how you'll dance inside it.

  • This is not the solution for all of your problems, but I promise you that receiving the wisdom of your chart will change something within you, even if you are not aware of it.

how to book a call with me?

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Below you will find my calendar where you can book your session.

Set your time zone, pick a date/hour for our call, and complete the form.


NoteI have no fixed schedule for my readings. I open my calendar spontaneously when I am in the right energy to offer readings. When spots are available, I announce it through my email list (join here) and instagram page (see here).

Bring me your questions, your intentions, your confusion. 

I'll untangle the stars and find the wisdom you need.

I want to find the truth that awakens your inner knowing.


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