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Voice of
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Diana Sab
evolutionary & karmic Astrologer

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"The way she explains astrology is deep, confronting, and empowering - how it's supposed to be."

"Always poetically cutting hearts open with love and truth."

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There are stories that our soul still carries,


stories from our ancestors,

from our past lives.


They are hidden in the celestial symbols, where the voice of the Sacred can be heard.

And I made of purpose of translating them,

delivering their message,

sharing the wisdom with the world.

Are you here to listen to them?

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"You gave me a wake up call that I truly needed yesterday. You essentially confirmed what I already knew but resisted to accept for myself. The way you talked to me hit differently compared to anyone that has ever given me life advice before. It was an incredible experience talking to you and I'm so glad I came across you."

"There’s lots I was able to take away and am excited to see how this new perspective/approach plays out in the months/years to come. I’ve already gone back through the recording and taken notes on some major take ways. I plan on revisiting it periodically as well, so I’m extremely grateful for your cocreation regarding this resource!"

"Thank you so much for your insights that have already changed my perspective on my life. Once I process everything that stuck with me I will watch our recording again. Overall I’m way more calm now and I’m also very happy my instincts about choosing you were correct."

"You had access to the most hidden and darkest parts of my soul, but you treated them gently, with so much compassion. I feel overwhelmed and deeply touched."

"Thank you so so much again for the wisdom. You left me in awe. All the heaviness, and intenseness of emotions I’ve been experiencing start to make sense now. I’m grateful your soul crossed my path. I can’t thank you enough. You are magic."

”You have captured and shown me exactly what I have known, long for and need to move forward in this world to feel truly connected and fulfilled. I have felt so lost and disconnected for what feels like an eternity.  It's an amazing reading and I am grateful that we have connected.„

”Your work has brought me so much relief, clarity, and a sense of renewed hope and inspiration - and I don't remember the last time I felt this way, so it means a lot. All I can say is thank you so much.„

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg

About Me

Hello, I am Diana, professional astrologer, half academic, half mystic.

I am a translator of the sky, taking the wisdom encrypted in the charts and delivering it to the world, all in order to support our evolution.

Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising, Stellium in the 9th + 8th house, 1/3 Generator.

I'm here to discover purpose in everything, and for that I've been absorbing knowledge from all the sources I found valuable. I've been studying astrology since 2013, Human Design since 2019, I have a BA degree in philosophy with a dissertation on jungian psychoanalysis, and in 2023 I've finally stopped doing rituals "by ear" and got initiated in shamanism.

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Digital Prits

Digital Prints

Your Conscious + 新幸运飞行艇官网开奖网站



Sun / Moon / Rising

through every sign

Your Conscious + 新幸运飞行艇官网开奖网站



Sun / Moon / Rising

through every sign

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Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg
Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg
Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg

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Voice of the Sacred

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg
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